Since 2006, subtitling is one of my major areas of expertise. Up to now, I've translated over 1,000 episoded of TV series for networks like TNT, MTV, Fox, The Golf Channel, TruTV, TCM, Space, Encuentro, HSM, ManagemenTV, Europa Europa, and many others. In addition, I've subtitled movies for local TV networks, cable TV networks and international and national film festivals.
Below you can find some of my most important projects.

Highlights of the last few years

Other highlights from my career


Traductor Certificado
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My projects

Decode Linguistic Solutions

Decode Linguistic Solutions

General Manager of the translation studio made up of a large team of translators, proofreaders and copy editors.
En sincronía

En sincronía

Co-host with Blanca Arias Badia and Guillermo Parra of the first Hispanic podcast on audiovisual translation.
América TAV traducciones audiovisuales

América TAV

General Manager of the translators’ team specialized in audiovisual translation for Latin America.